The B2B app developed for Barona was made available to staff in quick time (english version)

Thanks to low-code tools, app development is both fast and cost-effective. By drawing on its low-code expertise, Aitomation promptly developed a mobile app designed precisely to meet Barona’s needs. Designed for use in shelf stacking tasks, the app helps increase productivity, measurability, and transparency – meeting the needs of the retail staff and management.

OutSystems expertise enables agile app development

Barona has developed a new service model for its sales and marketing streams, which provides efficient outsourcing services for warehouse stacking and picking tasks. In the outsourcing service enables stores to use performance-based pay instead of working hours. To support work in the field, a mobile reporting tool was needed to easily keep track of work efficiency and billing information.

Barona had a clear idea of what they wanted to get from the B2B app, namely problem-free reporting and monitoring of work efficiency.

As the app was needed quickly, a partner with expertise in OutSystems’ low-code tools was the perfect choice. Barona’s Tuomo Leppänen (Director Of Operations) remarked on Automation standing out as the prime candidate thanks to their agile OutSystems know-how. The goal was to develop as practical an app as possible in order to benefit both the staff and their superiors, as well as the store using the outsourcing service. 

Once the two partners got together, a clear picture of the final product soon began to take shape. According to Tuomo Leppänen, Aitomation’s expertise was immediately apparent in the early stages of the project when the concept for the app began to be realised.

“Pasi is a true professional when it comes to discussing which factors need to be accounted for during the app development, before the coding has even started”, he explains as he talks about getting the project off the ground with Aitomation’s Pasi Pölönen

So what exactly are low-code tools?

OutSystems is an app development platform that utilises low-code tools to develop client-specific applications in a more agile way. Instead of writing code, the tool is capable of graphically modelling it. This leads to a more visual approach, which also facilitates better dialogue between the app users and coders. Coding with LowCode is considerably faster than traditional code writing. 

What can be achieved with traditional code in a week can be done with LowCode in a day. 

OutSystems’ low-code tools are ideal for developing B2B interfaces such as apps used by employees. The end result is exactly the same type of code, but finished in record time. Barona set plans for the new app in motion during the summer of 2019 and the first version was rolled out in early October.

Efficient mobile reporting and metrics

The app developed for Barona is a measurement tool that handily combines the reporting functionality needed by employees, management, and invoicing in one place. There were two elements to the application development – a mobile reporting app for workers in the field and a browser-based version for management. Barona can now set up an environment for its trade customers that can be used to add the necessary work deliverables and employees. Although the app was primarily designed with shelf-stacking and picking tasks in mind, it can also be used in other areas.

When work is carried out in a decentralised way and this work needs documenting, a mobile solution is extremely helpful. 

The application was rolled out in October 2019 and the reception has been very positive. The targets set for the first version have already been met and further development is currently underway. The application allows real-time monitoring of the efficiency and economics of work activities. The transparency of this monitoring has also increased considerably, and the app makes invoicing and salary payments easy.

“If your business involves some form of manual work that’s not quite of this decade, I recommend having a chat with these guys”, says Tuomo Leppänen, laughing.